Sunday, 27 November 2016

A New Direction for 2017

Large Scale Sculptures

These large scale spherical enclosed forms are a new development based on my experimental maquettes, which I created last year. Although similar to my vessel forms, in terms of their tactile surfaces, they invite a fluid touch that flows around the entire form. The concave and convex shapes create movement within a still piece. These imposing sculptures contain a solidity that reflects natural forms, such as bone fragments and rock formations. With no entry or exit they exist in themselves as striking sculptures, different from every angle, and every light condition.

Medium Scale Maquettes

These were the initial starting points which led me to transition my ideas into larger scale work.  The feedback from shows gave me the confidence to increase the scale; they proved to be very popular and accessible. These playful, yet refined pieces, enabled me to shift direction.

Small Scale Maquettes

These are my "drawings", however I see them as sculptures in their own right. They are very personable, intuitive and lively, as they are made whilst I hold them in the palm of my hand, rotating and refining as I carve. They are addictive, collectable and hard to put down.


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